iPhone 4 vs. HTC Desire

I was planning to change my mobile since mid 2010. Finally, in October I decided to go for HTC desire. It was expensive at around 450$ but it was partially sponsored by my mother-in-law as my wedding anniversary present. I have always been a fan of android OS. But, I had a tough time choosing between iPhone 4 and HTC desire. From my experience both are comparable to each other and it is very difficult to choose between the two. Some of the things that helped me decide are as follows:

  • Replaceable battery: As we all know iPhone doesn’t have a replaceable battery. There are many external rechargeable batteries available for the iPhone but i just prefer to carry an extra battery instead of buying an extra accessory.
  • I prefer the simple micro USB interface of HTC Desire. Not a big fan of iPhone’s and iPod’s custom built interfaces. The custom interfaces are designed to create a monopoly of Apple in the market. Recently, I wanted to buy and AV cable for my wife’s iPhone 3G. I bought an AV cable designed for iPod classic for just 10$. It didn’t work with iPhone. They have included some kind of anti piracy chip in the AV cable that stops other makers from making cheap AV cables for iPhones. The cheapest I could find was over 50$. This is too much. Come on Apple …
  • Micro SD slot. Being able to increase the memory as you please is a great thing.
  • Flash doesn’t play on iPhone.
  • I wanted to learn iPhone OS or android without moving to Mac.

You may not agree with the things mentioned above but these things really helped me to make a decision. Anyways, now I feel that Desire have its own problems. I will talk about these problems in my next post.

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