Japan Permanent Residence (special case)

Permanent residence gives you permission to live in Japan for as long as you like. The details can be found on the website of Immigration Bureau of Japan.


In order to apply, one must meet the requirements given in the “Guidelines for Permission for Permanent Residence”. The most difficult requirement is that you must stay in Japan for at least 10 years before you become eligible to apply for PR.

The other document titled “Guidelines for Contribution to Japan” is more interesting. According to this document if you have some contribution to Japan the 10 years requirement is reduced to 5 years. You might think that contribution might be something very difficult and you might need to become a celebrity to show some contribution. In reality, the document gives a long list of things that can be considered as contribution to Japan and there is a good chance that you might fit into one of these categories.

For example, one of the contribution that almost all post graduates can fulfill is:

The person has been recognized to have made distinguished achievements through his/her research activities and falls under any of the following:

  1. The person’s paper on the results of his/her research has been published in a scientific/technical journal, and has been referred to by two or more other researchers in their papers.
  2. Two or more of the person’s papers on the results of his/her research have been published in scientific journals as a result of selection through fair judgment.
  3. Many of the person’s papers on the results of his/her research have been published in authoritative scientific journals.
  4. The person has been highly evaluated by a scientific society generally known as an authoritative organization, and has the experience of giving a lecture,etc.

So, you must look at this document to see if you are eligible to apply for PR after 5 years of stay in Japan. All the best.

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