Getting Japan Citizenship (for Pakistanis)

In this blog I want to clarify some doubts and some misconceptions that people have about acquiring Japanese citizenship. I would especially focus on changing citizenship from a Pakistani to Japanese. First I would like to discuss some common misconceptions and my experience in the regard.

Is Japan Anti-Immigration

There is no simple answer to this question. In my experience Japan is not anti immigration and the criteria for naturalization in Japan is probably more relaxed then many other countries that are famous for immigration. However, Japan never advertise the immigration opportunity in local or international media. Of course the language barrier makes Japan much less attractive for immigration. Japan does not allow dual-nationality so applying for Japanese nationality is not an easy decision. So I would say that Japan is not anti-immigration, they just don’t want people to apply but if you do you have over 95% chance of approval. I would also like to mention that requirements for Naturalization in Japan are easier than the requirements for Permanent Residency.

Is Japan Anti-Muslims

I don’t know where people get this idea from but from my experience I never observed anything that may lead me to this conclusion.

One of the best resource you can come across for detailed information on naturalization to Japan is http://www.turning-japanese.info/p/steps.html. This website explains step-by-step instructions plus a lot of other stuff related to naturalization.


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