Gold Driver’s License Japan

Today I got Gold Drivers License. I think if you don’t do any traffic violation in 5 years you are eligible for a Gold license. The card looks like a normal driving license and instead of green or blue stripe in the middle it has a gold color strip.

In Japan, a gold license is given to the drivers who don’t have any points accumulated on their current driving license. Many people who get Gold license are drivers who have made a license but never actually drive a car. Such drivers are also known as “Paper Drivers”. I am happy that even after driving a car for last 6 years and over 80,000 Km I did not have any traffic violation. With the frustratingly low allowed speeds on highways and expressways in Japan, this is a big achievement.

I am planning to get a Safe Driver card (also known as SD card here in Japan). Hotels, Onsens, Shopping centers that provide discounts for SD card holders are growing at a very fast pace in Japan. It would be good to have 5%-10% off on hotel packages.

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