Unlock ZTE 003z for free

You can unlock the ZTE Blade or 003z for free as shown here.

However, Step 13 could not be completed on SoftBank 003z as it doesnot ask for the 8 digit PIN code. This is due to the “Phone.apk” that comes with  003z.

Just change your Phone.apk as I showed in “Run Ordinary SoftBank SIM on ZTE 003z” Blog and you can now Unlock the phone by completing the Step 13 of the process.


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  1. anish says:

    plz tall me how to unlock 003Z softbank android
    sand me link with video………………..plz
    thank you

    1. asimmunawar says:

      Sorry anish for a very late reply, Please refer to my article http://asimmunawar.com/2011/02/run-softbank-003z-with-ordinary-softbank-sim/

  2. iqra says:

    i just bought 003z softbank.

    I want to try to unlock with your method but my phone doesn’t show menu.
    Tell me what can i do?

    1. asimmunawar says:

      Hi , Which menu are you talking about … Can you tell me the exact step where you are facing the problem …

  3. iqra says:

    Please reply me as soon as possible!

  4. iqra says:

    Thank you for your reply.

    Actually my phone is locked.
    It doesn’t show the main menu maybe because it is locked.
    I put softbank ordinary simcard and it says USE THE RIGHT SIM CARD.
    Please help me!!

    1. iqra says:

      maybe it is called lockscreen.

  5. iqra says:

    when i touch clock screen to unlock screen it says EMERGENCY USE ONLY..
    so i can’t get to the main menu..

    1. asimmunawar says:

      Can you tell the exact steps you are following … Did you finish the instructions I gave in my post http://asimmunawar.com/2011/02/run-softbank-003z-with-ordinary-softbank-sim/

  6. iqra says:

    Actually that is what i want to say..
    I cannot unlock my phone with the steps you gave because i cannot get to the main menu of my phone so that i cannot root to the computer.

    I power on my phone and didn’t get to the main menu.
    It just says Emergency use only.

    1. iqra says:

      I do not have softbank smartphone sim.

      1. asimmunawar says:

        Actually you will need a smartphone sim to follow my method … You can borrow it from someone if you can … You can also goto softbank shop and they can convert your ordinary SIM to smartphone compatible SIM. The phone number will not change but smartphone SIM is slightly expensive …

  7. iqra says:

    I see.
    Are you in Japan now?
    I want you to unlock my phone if possible.
    I will pay!
    I really want my phone unlock please help.!!

  8. iqra says:

    I have one more question!

    Can i use Iphone black sim card to try your method?

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