How to travel light?

Hmmm this seems to be an easy task however, I learned it over a long period of time after many trips to different countries.  Today for the first time I am going somewhere for 8 days with a very small bag. Here are some of the tips that might help you to travel light.

  1. Try to fit everything in carry on lugage. Checkin lugage is a headache. It takes time to check it in and pick it up. Some airlines (notably some american airlines) are good at loosing checkin lugage.
  2. Netbooks are cheaper and easy to carry than notebooks. They may not be very powerful but they are certainly good for carrying. When buying a laptop, always check the weight and size of the power adapter. Sometimes power adapters alone can weigh over 700 grams.
  3. If you can manage internet browsing on a mobile phone you may not need to carry a laptop at all. For me, I have to carry a laptop.
  4. Carry 2 pair of pants (preferably one jeans) and three shirts. You can always use the laundry service in the destination hotel to wash them. Its better to carry shirts that does not need ironing.
  5. Don’t carry extra shoes. The pair you are wearing is more than enough.
  6. If you are traveling to a place that has very different weather than your city. Then prepare for the destination and don’t put extra things just because it is cold in your city.
  7. Just buy one of these bags with wheels. Lighter bags are little expensive but they are worth it.
  8. If you want you can take some food and snacks with you. As you will eat them on your trip so you can use the space for some shopping that you might want to do.
  9. Buy compact soveneirs like keychains, pens, jewlerry etc. Buying outerwear, shoes and stuff like that is a very bad idea in my opinion.
  10. As for the toiletries, you can buy things from a dollar shop or 100 yen shop in case of Japan. Disposable stuff would be great. Just throw them on you trip back.
  11. If you are going for business don’t carry SLR cameras. Just buy a smart camera that can fit in your pocket. Buying a mobile phone with a good camera is a great idea.

If you have more tips please add them in the comments. Have a safe journey !!!

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